We do not book parties between Thanksgiving and December 30th but our decorations are up through mid January so plan your holiday party then!     By the hour or by the tray, or complete meals and custom menus

 Send us an email to get started
Appetizers by the hour
$18/person to accompany drink packages, minimum of 30 people.
 Includes sliders, mini reubens, chicken fingers, pizzas, wings, quesadillas, corn dogs etc..
Family Style Lunch- $12.99 a person.
Choose 5.  Must pre-order
Classic Cheeseburger
Famous Reuben
Chicken Caeser Salad
Roast Pork
Fiesta Black Bean Burger
Pollo Picante
Wild Turkey
12" Pizzas
25 pieces/tray
Sliders $6
Mini Reuben’s $80
Mini Roast Pork $65
Mini Prime Rib $80
Wings $30
Tenders $45
Corn Dogs $45
Cheese Quesadilla  $40
Veggie Quesadilla $50
Chicken or Steak Quesadilla $65
Guacamole/Salsa- Chips Platter  $40
Veggie or Fruit Tray $40
12” Pizza between $10-15/pizza