By the hour or by the tray, or complete meals and custom menus

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Appetizers by the hour
$18/person to accompany drink packages, minimum of 30 people.
 Includes sliders, mini reubens, chicken fingers, pizzas, wings, quesadillas, corn dogs etc..
Family Style Lunch- $12.99 a person.
Choose 5.  Must pre-order
Classic Cheeseburger
Famous Reuben
Chicken Caeser Salad
Roast Pork
Fiesta Black Bean Burger
Pollo Picante
Wild Turkey
12" Pizzas
25 pieces/tray
Sliders $6
Mini Reuben’s $80
Mini Roast Pork $65
Mini Prime Rib $80
Wings $30
Tenders $45
Corn Dogs $45
Cheese Quesadilla  $40
Veggie Quesadilla $50
Chicken or Steak Quesadilla $65
Guacamole/Salsa- Chips Platter  $40
Veggie or Fruit Tray $40
12” Pizza between $10-15/pizza