Hercules Award-Winning Chili -

cup $4.99/bowl $5.99

Topped with cheese, sour cream, & onions


Soup O' The Day -

cup $4.99/bowl $5.99

served with homemade Irish Brown Bread


Chicken Tortilla Soup

cup $5.99/ bowl $6.99

Juan's secret recipe; spicy tortilla soup with roasted chicken, topped with fiesta cheese, avocado, & tortilla strips


Combo - $ 10.99

Bowl of Soup & Dinner Salad or Small Caesar


Friday Clam Chowder -

cup $5.99/Bowl $6.99

Made from scratch Friday mornings and served w/ our house-made Irish Brown Bread 

**Only while supplies last


Sweet Potato Fries $4.99

Spinach $3.99

Coleslaw $2.99

Hand Cut Fries $3.99

Dinner Salad $4.99

Small Caesar $4.99

Baked Beans $2.99

Applesauce $2.99

Tater Tots $3.99